At the end of one more failed relationship, my Mentor asked me to write my story. I had no idea that I even had a story or where to begin.  It took 15 years for me to realize that I had a voice.  The challenges, fears, and darkest hours of my life led me to deepen my knowledge of myself and why I do the things I do.  

My story began with a high-stress family: a high-achieving father and a perfectionist mother, from a long line of women who didn’t express how they felt unless it was a hysterical outburst.  The first few days of my life were spent without food and nourishment as every time my mother fed me I would throw it up. My father was the first non-union contractor in Northern Nevada in the 1970s and the events that transpired between my father and the union should be a movie script. The issues my father experienced went on to add more chaos to my formative years, despite my parent’s best efforts to shield both myself and my sister.

As a result, I’m a recovering people pleaser, high achiever with OCD, and an anxiety disorder. During my youth I learned to fly under the radar, to be seen and not heard, and that I am only lovable if I am “doing” things or caretaking for others. I now know that those feelings were not only felt by me, making me the norm, NOT the exception.

My story includes messy and painful blunders, a few physical near-death experiences, bridges burned (some of which I may still have had the lighter in my hand), “what was I thinking?” moments, and the top ten most fantastic mess-ups of my life. Most importantly, I realized my life’s work has been created from my cellular and sometimes cosmic AH-HA moments.

My entire life has been training me to be of service to others.  If I wasn’t enrolled in a course or certification to figure out how to feel better, I was struggling with my own physical health and emotional wellness. It was perfect practice to integrate what I learned from my training and certifications.  During my journey through this earthly “finishing school,” I’ve faced food allergies, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual abuse, failed relationships, thoughts of suicide, a dead-end career, failed attempts to start businesses, struggles to keep my business going, and finally a myriad of medical diagnoses for a mystery illness ranging from adrenal fatigue, Polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, skin cancer, metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, Hashimoto’s, and so much more.

About Us

I’ve spent decades researching, reading, digging, and turning over every rock I could find to discover what was wrong with me. Seeking professionals to help me figure out my insomnia, depression, and anxiety, I started ignoring my body and what it was trying to tell me. The chronic stress and inflammation were killing me.  I’m not a doctor or a medical practitioner but I have now spent decades as my medical advocate. I’ve realized now that I needed all that pain, frustration, pressure, and anxiety to wake up and say: “Enough is enough! Stop creating your suffering.” I had to lose myself to find myself again. I had to learn to rely on my body as a resource and stop shaming or beating it into submission.  I learned that life’s lessons get louder and uglier until we take responsibility for ourselves, our actions, our behaviors, and our words. Powerful possibilities lie in the hard times.  Actions, beliefs, and behaviors are the fruit of our biology and beliefs.  The more embedded the belief, the more susceptible we are to our biases and “blind spots.”

I am so grateful for my life’s storms, experiences, and my teachers along the way because, without them, I would not have had a catalyst for change. I learned that I am resilient, strong, and adaptable to change. If I can recreate my life by realigning my story with my soul’s purpose,

My "why" to help you discover your story, your voice, your innate superpowers, and your unique skills.  My passion stems from a deep desire to be a guide for you on your own Hero’s/Heroine’s Journey.  Whether our time together will be spent preparing and packing your bag with tools and resources for your journey OR unpacking your bag from any prior journeys, I would be honored to be your guide to find your internal compass.

Working with me, you can expect to gain:

A toolbox of resources to help you handle even the most stressful of events

Increased confidence

Improved communication skills

The potential to say “no” when you mean it


The ability to identify and nurture your innate superpowers

The power to attract and maintain more fulfilling relationships



2020 – Certified Executive and Leadership Development Coach (CELDC)

The Academies Certified Hypnotherapist, American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (CCHt)

2020 – Project Management, UNR Extended Studies

2020 – Human Resource Management, UNR Extended Studies

2019 – Facilitator, The Energy Codes by Mortar Institute for Bioenergetics

2016 – Certified Life Coach, Life Purpose Institute

2014 – Present American Hypnosis Member; Certifications acquired:

ABCs of Success

Hypnosis for Immune Disorders

Healthy Boundaries

Dream Therapy

General Self Improvement

Emotional & Physical Sexuality, Part 1

Past Life Regression Therapist

2010 – 2013 Attended and graduated from New Vista International as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. There she was trained in the P-A-U-S-E technique.

Client Love Notes

“Marcie puts a lot of research and creative thought into helping women to explore behaviors and ways of evolving past the unhealthy ones...”