Welcome to the Renew & Recharge Program!
Hello, my name is Marcie Walker, and I am a Certified Life Coach and stress relief and purpose expert that empowers clients. I focus on holistic wellness through brain-based coaching and body-centered hypnotherapy using the 5 Step P-A-U-S-E Model. 

As a former CFO of a large construction company and someone who struggled with a stress-related illness for 10 years, I understand workplace stress and burn-out. This program was created with everyone from the busy and stressed executive to the first-time manager and the overworked HR professional in mind.
Benefits of this program:

  1. Helps support you in regulating your nervous system
  2. Offers tools to support you in experiencing comfort and safety in times of stress
  3. Increase problem-solving abilities
  4. Promotes better decision making
  5. Establishing presence 

The P-A-U-S-E Model of hypnotherapy, created by Dr. Donna Hamilton and Bud James, was founded on the following principle:

P: Present. When your attention is unfocused, your mind disconnects or drifts away, reducing your ability to accomplish your goals or be successful. Neuroscientists teach that happiness is determined by our mental habits, and more specifically, where we consistently place our attention.
A: Aware Witness. Manage your inner state and observe your “situation” without judgment or opinion. Step out of the drama of life and gain insight from a clear perspective.
U: Unwind. Focus on unwinding the past so that you can create meaningful resources, which balance and integrate your body and mind. 
S: Surrender. Recognize resistance, projections, and emotional attachments of your protective personality or ego, and accept life’s circumstances. Uncover the underlying lesson the experience is teaching you.
E: Evoke. Align your passion, higher values, and personal gifts to achieve your excellence.
This program and the tools provided will enable you to:

  • Change limiting beliefs
  • Access a resilient and stable personality in times of stress and uncertainty
  • Strengthen self-image
  • Develop positive, empowered feelings
  • Manage impulsive behaviors

We are all shaped by past experiences. The past drives our self-image, belief, judgments, fears, and desires.

This program will provide P-A-U-S-E specific tools centered on unwinding the past and building resources to support you in experiencing a consistent and reliable state of comfort and safety. The amount of energy required to hold a negative pattern in place is the same amount of energy required to hold a positive pattern.
Hypnosis offers especially effective methods to minimize the effects of stress. This program will support you in: 

  1. Recovering balance
  2. Creating stability
  3. Calling back energy and attention
  4. Regulating the stress response
  5. Building resilience
Stress resilience is the ability to recognize and acknowledge that a situation has become difficult or painful and choose a response that leads to growth. Stress resilience takes time to build. It is a process that grows stronger over time and slowly begins to change how we approach adversity.

I want to congratulate you on taking the first step towards growth and resilience! I am looking forward to guiding you through this change to become your best self.