12/12 Portal Distance Energy Healing Clinic

Choose up to 3 Intentions to be magnified during this powerful energetic portal.   $11 for each intention.
Step into the Vibrant Energy of 12/12!

Elevate your connection to cosmic energies in our exclusive Distant Energy Healing Session on December 12th—a day celebrated for its unique spiritual significance. At just $12 per intention (with the option to choose up to three), seize this opportunity to align with the profound vibrations of the 12/12 portal for personal growth, abundance, and rejuvenation.

Our team of experienced healers is ready to channel potent, purposeful energy toward your aspirations, nurturing profound shifts in your life's trajectory. This isn't merely a session; it's a collective convergence where intentions merge with the expansive energy of the universe.
Reserve your place in this mystical synergy and let us join forces to unlock a world of limitless possibilities that the 12/12 portal has in store for you.

Embrace your destiny—secure your transformative experience today.