With Marcie Walker, all services and programs are body-centered and her brain-based Hypno-Coaching the 5 Step PAUSE Model is incorporated. 

Depending on how long the circumstances have been ignored, we may spend more time in one area of the model than others. 

P: Present. When your attention is unfocused, your mind disconnects or drifts away, reducing your ability to accomplish your goals or be successful. Neuroscientists teach that happiness is determined by our mental habits, and more specifically, where we consistently place our attention.

A: Aware Witness. Manage your inner state and observe your “situation” without judgment or opinion. Step out of the drama of life and gain insight from a clear perspective.

U: Unwind. Focus on unwinding the past so that you can create meaningful resources, which balance and integrate your body and mind. 

S: Surrender. Recognize resistance, projections, and emotional attachments of your protective personality or ego and accept life’s circumstances. Uncover the underlying lesson the experience is teaching you.

E: Evoke. Align your passion, higher values, and personal gifts to achieve your excellence.

These programs and the tools provided will enable you to:

Change limiting beliefs

Access a resilient and stable personality in times of stress and uncertainty

Strengthen self-image

Develop positive, empowered feelings

Manage impulsive behaviors

“Passion for your work is a little bit discovery followed by a lot of development and then a lifetime of deepening.” - Angela Duckworth

To create lasting change, the length of the base program is 90 days.


6 – 60-minute bimonthly sessions; 6 – 30-minute telephone/zoom calls – $2,000


Discovery Program

Investment: One weekly session for three months with homework
$2,500 paid in full or $3,000 for three monthly installments of $1,000

Development Program

Investment: One weekly session for three months with homework
$2,500 paid in full or $3,000 for three monthly installments of $1,000
Development Program:
Investment: One weekly session for three months with one bi-weekly session for three months and homework
$4,500 paid in full or $6,000 for six monthly installments of $1,000

Deepening Program

Investment: One weekly session for three months, one bi-weekly session for three months, one monthly session for three months and homework
$7,000 paid in full or $9,000 for nine monthly installments of $1,000
A study by Alfred Barrios, Ph.D., later reprinted in American Health Magazine, found the following outcomes:
    • 600 Sessions of Psychotherapy resulted in a 38% improvement
    • 22 Sessions of Behavioral Therapy resulted in a 72% improvement
    • 6 Sessions of Hypnotherapy resulted in a 93% improvement


As leaders, our responsibility is to create and cultivate cultures that address the physiological and psychological needs of our team. Corporate Programs are designed to flip the script on traditional top-down management styles to a human-centered, servant-leadership philosophy. These programs from Marcie Walker are designed to align personal values with corporate values through various aspects of recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and retention strategies. 

As a Certified Executive and Leadership Development Coach, Marcie Walker and her professional team, support a collaborative and supportive environment with principled team leadership. 

This involves:
Increasing and enhancing communication between managers, direct reports, and teams (especially geographically dispersed teams)
    • Aligning individual performance with team and organizational objectives
    • Improving productivity and profitability
    • Identifying, maximizing, and leveraging strengths among team members
    • Increasing employee satisfaction and retention
    • Enhancing performance and results within employees
    • Helping individuals take ownership and responsibility
    • Helping a leader’s transition to new roles and responsibilities



This component can be added to any of our coaching programs for an added focus into the area of your physical health and well-being. Self-care of your physical is a vital part of your overall well health.

An added level of focus to the health and wellness of the individual in any coaching program.

Oversight provided by APRN and Certified Nutritionist

Please, contact us at marcie@marciewalker.com for Corporate Program pricing tailored to your needs.

"To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Client Love Notes

“Marcie puts a lot of research and creative thought into helping women to explore behaviors and ways of evolving past the unhealthy ones.”