Our Method is derived from brain-based coaching with body-centered hypnotherapy, project management processes, and a commitment to excellence. Brain-friendly coaching and the experience of being supported can be life changing. Coaching can shift people from a “problem state” into a “possibility perspective.” The combination of awareness, curious exploration, choice, strengths, and commitment is a recipe for transformation.

Your current frame of mind plays a VERY important role in our process. It is difficult to be open to meaningful change or realigning our story with sustainable transformation if you are in a “fight or flight” state.

Our commitment to excellence stems from the strong desire to be better and do better every day. Unlike talk therapy, we don't treat the symptoms, but we treat the programming and conditioning underneath the story.


The status quo isn't enough

You are surrounded by problems

Depleted and exhausted all the time with no time for yourself because everything else is more important than you and your needs

You need the voice or noise in your head to take a vacation

A lack of self-esteem or right to stand up for yourself or change your situation

You have an unanswered call in the pit of your stomach

You’re living in a continuous state of being overwhelmed, anxious, or fearful of finances, your job, a relationship, or life

You don’t have anywhere to turn

Unsure what you are passionate about and fear you’ll never discover it

Unclear about what your purpose is or even what you want to do with your life

These are terrifying feelings, and emotions many have felt. That said, you are not alone and Marcie Walker and her team are dedicated to helping you.

We specialize in partnering with business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, and individuals to find their "why", connect them with their purpose, and then build human-centered cultures.

We practice a powerful form of coaching that approaches every aspect of a person's life – body, mind, and spirit – in relation to the whole. It can help you access your full potential, activate your inner power, and make transformational changes.

We guide and coach our clients to take conscious control by empowering themselves. We partner with you to design your life more joyfully and purposefully. Our goal is to help clients discover unimaginable possibilities that would otherwise remain an idea or dream. Marcie Walker is committed to helping people discover, develop, and implement their dreams by learning how to use their journey to empower and inspire new dreams.


Marcie and her team would be honored to share their experiences with you to answer that nagging call to be better. Marcie Walker’s gift to the world is helping individuals discover, realize, and live their greatness. Her professional team specializes in innovative solutions that support people to excel – individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations. 

It’s Marcie’s passion to partner with and serve fellow Mom-Preneurs, the battle-scarred frontline supervisors, C-Class executives, visionaries, striving business owner, or any individual who wants to create lasting change in their lives. First and foremost, they serve those who are ready to take action, be held accountable, and face the challenge of their story and what they need to change. Their driving force is to partner with those impact-driven professionals to connect them with their purpose and begin building human-centered cultures.

As a single mother and a Mom-Preneur of several years, Marcie Walker has a soft spot for struggling, single mothers and women in male-dominated professions who wrestle with high stress and low energy.  Annually, Marcie Walker, LLC donates to non-profits, foundations, and other businesses that support women and underserved populations striving to create change in their lives and stories. Marcie Walker is proud to offer scholarship opportunities for the Discovery Program to those interested.

Marcie Walker is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Executive Leadership and Development Coach with specialties in Therapeutic Imagery, Trauma Resolution, and Hypnosis for Immune Disorders.

Hypno-Coaching is unlike talk therapy. We don’t treat the symptoms, we treat the programming and conditioning underneath. To create lasting change, we help you create a hypnotic or trance-like state to quiet your mind, focus your attention, and arrive at your solution that is in alignment with your best self.


A state of deep relaxation, focused awareness, and heightened suggestibility.  You will remain aware throughout all of our work together.

It’s a trance-like state of alert wakefulness is which YOU remain in full control.

There is no relinquishing of power in hypnosis.  You will only follow those suggestions that are consistent with your fundamental values and highest good, similar to positive affirmations.

It helps you relax your body, lets stress hormones subside, and moves your mind away from unpleasant thoughts

A mechanism for problem-solving and creative inspiration.

It helps the client regulate the nervous system by experiencing comfort and safety in times of stress.

During hypnosis, a client is guided toward stillness and recognition of their Natural State in which they are free from the activity of the mind and life’s circumstances.

Everyone has experienced hypnotic or trance-like states, such as;

• Daydreaming
• Being absorbed in a book
• Driving down the road and missing your turn because your mind was somewhere else
• Walking into a room but forgetting why you were there

• Struggling with making an important decision and then right before sleep, the solution pops into your mind
• Receiving the perfect advice from your best friend, unsure why you didn’t think of it.
• An unexplained anxiety around a presentation, performance, or sporting event that you know thoroughly, have done a million times, or practiced repeatedly.

Client Love Notes

“Marcie is able to help each individual in her group to take an introspective look at behavior creating or contributing to blocks, and to explore pathways to solutions.”