LEARN to navigate the STORM, the crisis, or the challenge you are currently facing to its resolution and discover the clear path to becoming the HERO in your story.

Life is about how we handle stormy weather, i.e. an event or condition that is pushing you or your business up against the great unknown, full of fear, stress, and anxiety. The storm has already hit and it may get worse before it gets better. These types of storms are hard to prepare for, the troubles are uninvited and have pushed their way into your life or business.  This disruption can drastically impact your normal life and routine by adding an extra responsibility on top of an already full plate. Eventually, the stress can cloud your mind and halt your future plans.


You’re at a door, which can symbolize new opportunities or the start of a new path. However, you find yourself “stuck” and unable to take the next step. Your “storm” can manifest as many different things such as fighting against dullness in life, career, or business. Perhaps you are transitioning into a new role as a manager, leader, or first-time entrepreneur. Or, your “storm” is the realization you want to do something different with your life. Either way, let Marcie Walker help you discover your next step in your hero’s journey.

Client Love Notes

“You are a safe space for the discussion of personal stuff. You see what I can't/won't/have been ignoring. You incorporate 'spiritual' processes into each meeting which is lovely. They're generally very easy to transfer into physical, daily (or almost daily) practice or exemplify what we discussed. You're a rock - not allowing me to continue my ostrich ways, for example - but a rock with a very soft touch. And you're super insightful. Very connected. You're very supportive, noticing and commenting on the steps (no matter how small) that I have taken. Even if I don't see them.”